Saturday, June 23, 2012

the significance of this weekend

I love everything about this photo. I took this on our way to a picnic lunch, in the woods near our places in Glover Park, some random Sunday afternoon last summer. To me, it embodies the calm happy vibe that Brandt and I have when we spend time alone together. It's an effortless joy. One of the best feelings I've experienced in my life so far. I love the feeling. I love him.

This morning, I am picking up my Fiance from the airport, and for the first time since we got engaged, we will have a whole weekend.  Alone. Together. <3 

Allow me to explain the significance.

We really haven't had a weekend of "us" time since since last winter, before we started the whole move process. Before the pre-move errands, and the packing, and the holidays. Before the move to the new place, the engagement, and the subsequent perfect storm of social - obligations?

I hesitate to use the word obligation, because in reality, we have had busy social schedules out of our own desire, not because of obligation. Maybe the better descriptor is non-negotiable? Two of our very best friends were having weddings this summer.  We wouldn't miss their big days for anything.   Nor could we pass up the opportunity to see our family and friends who were in town over the last few months, and the opportunities to visit them. We've seen both sides of our families, our DC friends, our childhood friends and our college friends. Basically everyone we know or have ever known. It has been awesome. With so many friends in different cities, these opportunities are rare, and to have all of them come up at once, has been a total blessing. We wouldn't trade a single second of any of it. 


We are exhausted.  We've had early mornings, late nights, long flights, and even longer drives.  Our schedules have truly been relentless.  Neither of us has woken up any later than 6:45am in recent memory, and honestly 6:45am is a "treat" compared to the 4am wake up calls that have been plaguing us the past couple of weeks. With our busy travel schedules, we're in our offices fewer days, but we've been working longer hours when we are.  We are exhausted.  Ready to rest.  

After months of our relentless schedules, I can't actually believe its finally here. It's just a simple weekend, but it is so long overdue.  As I write this post, I am already savoring our time.  Our happy, calm, "us"time. 

Happy Weekend, Everyone. Enjoy it! We'll see you later!

The Lumineers - Ho Hey (on Spotify)

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