Monday, June 17, 2013

Nautical Knots: A Lovely Knots and Dazzle-it Blog Hop!

It's blog hop time again! Today I am sharing a how-to project featuring Dazzle-it's Lovely Knots line. Using the 2mm Aqua Blue cord, along with the Lovely Knots guide book by Fernando DaSilva, I made this gorgeous infinity knot bracelet. This post contains a basic explanation. For detailed instructions, as well as a number of other beautiful projects, I recommend checking out the Lovely Knots book. 

First, gather your supplies.*  Each blog hop participant received everything pictured below. 

* If you're a true craft-a-holic like I am,  you'll probably have to stop and Instagram everything before proceeding. 
Okay, now we're really ready to begin! 

Step one is cutting eight (8) one foot lengths of cord. As you'll see from the glimpses of the Lovely Knots guidebook, you may also wish to use two different colors. If that is the case, you'll need four lengths of each color for a total of eight.

Next, loop four of the cords while keeping them flat. 

Then, you'll need to loop the second set of cords through the first set, as shown in the guidebook, and the images below. While it appears challenging, the trick is to orient your guidebook pictures in the same direction that your cords are. When your cord is oriented the same way as your book, it becomes significantly easier to follow along. 

Almost there! 

Tighten the cords, one end at a time. 

And voila! 

To maintain your tidy knots, tape each end together prior to clamping on the kumihimo jewelry findings. The Lovely Knots book recommends clear tape, but in a pinch, I used colored tape. Run some glue over the ends of the cords before clamping to prevent the cords from fraying. 

Of course, I couldn't resist embellishing the ends of the bracelet just a tiny bit! 

 What a perfect fit! The cord and the knot both have just enough give to fit my wrist comfortably! 

 For more information, or to find a local Dazzle-it retailer, email 


  1. OK...just WOW!! This came out perfectly, Charlotte! Terrific job...ok, I'm definitely not showing mine now!

    1. Thank you Laura! I love your Pippa knots! You've inspired me to try those next!

  2. Gorgeous bracelet! I love the way you've added some bead embellishments.