Wednesday, April 25, 2012

our house, is a very very very fine house

So remember that fabulous lead on a rental house that I mentioned in my last post?  Well, we got the house!! We didn't think we would get it, as someone else had applied before us, but it turns out that it was meant to be! It is gorgeous, and we are beyond excited to get moved in!  

I could just hug that kitchen island! 

Isn't it beautiful? The best part for me, however, is the DISHWASHER!  It has been *years* since I have lived with a dishwasher.  When I had arrived in Washington DC in 2005, it never even occurred to me to ask if the apartments there included dishwashers. I assumed they were a modern day given.  6 and a half years of hand washing dishes later, lesson learned, and I am so ready to get back to modern times! I'm half tempted to label this as one of the best perks of our move to wine country... 

Modern amenities aside, we are also excited to be done living out of suitcases, unpack boxes, set up furniture and otherwise finally get settled. We are all set to move in this weekend!  I just can't contain my excitement.  

Credit to Brandt for today's song selection:Our House - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 

It is a very very fine house :) 


  1. YAY! And, kudos to Brandt on the song choice. Love me some CSNY.

    1. Thanks Alli! Loves me some Girl Meets Gump! :)