Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it's raining excuses

Eeesh! I am so overdue for a blog post! Forgive me.

Lots of happenings since I last wrote.

Traveling.  We did a weekend trip to Anaheim.  'Twas a business trip for Brandt, but we did manage to sneak an evening at Disney Land and we had an absolute blast.  First time back since the tenth grade for me, and first time ever for Brandt.  I will love that place 'til I'm 100 + years old. We had just enough time for Space Mountain, Fireworks, and the Teacups...

Brandt in Conference Mode
Me in Not Conference Mode- Teacups at Disney!

Entertaining.  Brandt and I had our first ever visitors in wine country!  Thanks to Danielle and John! We did our beloved Bergamot Alley, followed by dinner (finally!) at Scopa, despite the pouring rain outside.  Next day we did Bella, Rochioli and Hop Kiln.

March Madness.  OK, OK, I lied earlier. College basketball is probably 99% of the reason I fell off the blog horse in March.  We had a good run Cuse.

House Hunters Not So International.  We're looking for a place to rent in Healdsburg, which has turned out to be more difficult than we imagined, but we've got a fabulous lead.  Fingers crossed everybody.

Millions of Errands.  After two months without our own car, we built up quite a surplus of not-super-essential, but now totally essential errands that needed to be done. Such as... taking my bike in to the Windsor Bike Shop so that I can get above third gear once again! Woohoo!
All Better!
DIY Work Outs: Someone told me that March was the rainiest month that they've had in over 100 years, and I honestly believe it.  It has been raining an awful lot this past month, which precludes us from going for our usual bike rides, running etc.  Instead we fire up YouTube in the living room and do this workout. Bauer likes to participate as well - by repeatedly leaping over each of us as we complete the ab exercises.

Eating Strawberry Shortcake.  We do it every night now.  It's officially a routine.  Sometimes we do it with those "dessert cups," sometimes with pound cake, most recently with angel food cake.   Strawberries and Brandt likes to add ice cream.  We've not been here three months, and we're already acting like we're retired.

So, how to tie together this mish mosh of a post together musically?  Here is my Rainy Day Cheer Playlist on Spotify.  After all,  rainy season will soon be coming to a close here in wine country (right...? RIGHT...!?) Ugh, I'm already turning in to such a Californian...


  1. I just found your blog! Its so fun! Yay for blogging. New follower :)

  2. Thanks Taryn for my first ever in-blog comment :) The link party you shared inspired me to take a break from moving set-up and get another blog post in!