Friday, February 24, 2012

babysitting weekend recap

By all accounts, last weekend's babysitting extravaganza was a huge success! 

Despite it being Uncle and I's very first weekend of babysitting, we absolutely knocked it out of the park! We made Jell-o Play Dough, we listened to our adult friendly playlist for kids, we went to the park, we watched Caillou, we read stories (one of which required singing), we danced, we had tea parties, and we made plenty of kid snacks.

But wait until you hear what Uncle and I accomplished in the midst of all this.  We did some banking. Uncle brought his laptop to the tea party and he and I took turns logging in to pay our bills, while simultaneously sipping imaginary tea, and looking up Sesame Street clips on YouTube.  We also managed to buy a car.  Advanced parenting skills if you ask me! Friday and Saturday we researched, and test drove several different cars, one of which was the perfect fit for us. Then on Sunday morning, right after breakfast, we managed to get all three of us fed, bathed, dressed and packed for a morning at the car dealership.  Brandt did the paperwork, and I watched the Bebe.  I did eventually bring her in to the sales office - two year olds are, as it turns out, fabulous negotiators. We got a great deal!  Afterwards we rewarded our little one with a happy meal at McDonalds, and naps for everybody!

Now, it wasn't easy. Waking up before 7am on weekend days is no easy task. My attempt to shower before the Bebe woke up at 6:45am was foiled, by said Bebe waking up just as I was turning the hot water on... I had to abandon shower and go get her out of her crib. I did get to shower... eventually.  The next morning, there was a pancake incident which resulted in Uncle having to go out and buy more eggs mid-breakfast.  This one actually turned in to a bonus, as Uncle returned with eggs and Starbucks! For the first time in our lives, we found ourselves contemplating beer before 9am, and later that night, we found ourselves dead serious about going to bed at 8:37pm.  (Bebe had gone down at 7).

Despite the challenges, and the early wake up calls, we had an amazing weekend.  We had fun, and we got a lot accomplished! By the end of the weekend, I was even offered a promotion!  Instead of "Char," I am now referred to by the little one as "My Char." Brandt maintains that this designation was already taken, and that I am his Char. I'm going to leave it up to them to work this out.  He's got a pretty compelling case, but like I said before, two year olds are fabulous negotiators...

Le Petite Negotiator!
For today's music, I'm going to leave you with Rockabye Baby - our best kid friendly music find of the entire weekend!  This group does lullaby versions of just about every popular hit imaginable. We are talking the Beatles, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, even Radiohead! Totally amazing.  Best album covers, hands down, are the Madonna and Kanye Albums.  Hilarious. Brandt and I put ourselves to bed with Coldplay. Good night! <3

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