Thursday, February 16, 2012

this is not a drill

Ladies and Gentleman, please do not be alarmed if you don't hear from Brandt or I over the next three days.  Brandt and I will be babysitting his two year old niece for the entire weekend.  I repeat, this is not a drill. We have done an afternoon here and there, and a bed time or two, but this. is. serious.  B and I will be going full parental this weekend.

B's niece has been advised that Mommy and Daddy are going skiing, and "Uncle" and "Char" will be in charge. (We subsequently advised Mommy and Daddy to keep their cell phones on and in range AT ALL TIMES, ...and they laughed in our faces... )

Luckily, I've been diligently training for months now.  I've got 93 pins on my "Future Offspring" board on Pinterest. I'm also a loyal reader of "Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures." Brandt's experience sometimes looks more like a scene out of Three Men and a Baby, but only on certain "technical" skills. All kidding aside, the guy is amazing with kids.  "Uncle" and I are pretty pumped!  Niece is pretty fun to be around!  If you don't hear from us soon, it's because we're busy having fun! No need to send help. Maybe just send wine - bed time is at 7 :)

And with that, I'll leave you with one of my favorite song for kiddos, from the movie Babe, "If I Had Words."         If I Had Words - Played by Sally Harmon - On Spotify

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