Friday, February 10, 2012

arts and crafts > being a good citizen

I had a job interview this morning.  My second since I've moved out here.  By all accounts the interview went marvelously... until they rounded out the morning by asking me to take a personality assessment.

A personality assessment for a design job!? By no means was this off base, but my experience thus far has been with small companies, none of which have had a formal interview processes, or really, processes of any kind.  Management tends not to be a strong suit amongst the creative set.

So I'm sitting in a conference room, looking at the computer.  It was one of those cloudy mornings, just perfect for focusing. Caffeine-fueled and left to my own devices, I really got in the zone.  We are talking serious concentration.  There were two parts to the exam.  The first part gave you four statements.  First you indicate which statement best describes you, then which statement least describes you, I think there were about ten of these.

The second portion was a bit more involved.  You had a list of 6 items.  You ranked those 6 items from most important to least important. Extremely mundane! There were 12 sets that needed to be ranked, which got old, real fast.  Eventually, one of the lists included "arts and crafts."  I love arts and crafts!  Boom! Ranked it number 1! All the rest were pretty boring, so I ranked 2-6 in the order of which I despised the least.  It was one of the last questions, so I was ready to get this thing over with!  As I hit the submit button, I scanned my responses.  I noticed that I had ranked "arts and crafts" over "being a good citizen."  Whoops!

Hopefully this assessment takes in to account that I'm a designer.  Creative tendencies are good for us! And its not like I am otherwise not a good citizen - I vote (gladly), do jury duty (not as gladly), and obey all posted traffic signs (apologies to those who have driven behind me on the 101). I just like crafting so much more than I like doing all of those things.  This is why I'm an interior designer, and not a police officer -- Nobody move! I've got a glue gun!

suspect is armed and dangerous

The Crafty Bitch - Howard Britz (on Spotify) Perfect jazz music for a rainy focused morning in the office! ;)

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