Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Tis the Season for Tassels - A Blog Hop with Dazzle-it Products!

Necklace with Dazzle-it Faux Suede Tassel and Lace 
Today, I'm excited to share another blog hop with Dazzle-it products! Dazzle-it has a line faux suede lace and tassels, which are perfect for creating high end looking jewelry and accessories and a very affordable price! (for buying information, see the bottom of this post). 

I made a necklace and a pair of earrings. Both projects came together quite quickly. I could see myself making a group of these as a darling set of stocking stuffers this holiday season! 

The necklace (see the top of this post) was fairly self explanatory. I cut enough length so that tassel would fall mid way down my torso. I used a matching silver clasp, but the length was long enough that I could slip it on and off over my head without a clasp. Instead of using a jump ring, the lace fit snugly through the eye of the tassel, so I just tied it with a shoelace bow, and secured it with a dab of super glue at the center. 

The earrings took a few more steps, but were also a quick and easy diy project! As you can see below, I connected each tassel to an earring hook with a single jump ring. From there, I took a matching 3/8" wide ribbon (from Offray) and tied it around the top of the tassel, forming a bow. I added a dab of super glue to the center of each bow to secure them. 

One piece of advice: Attach the earring hook before you tie your bow on. That way you can see where the front of the earring is and tie your bow accordingly. 

Whether you prefer bold bright colors or the more sophisticated neutral colors, Dazzle-it offers a wide range of both. For more information (and buying information) about Dazzle-it products, visit or Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates, as well as promotions and give aways! 

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  1. So simple, yet so striking. I love the addition of the pretty ribbon. Very on trend! Enjoy the day. Erin