Monday, March 17, 2014

Glitter Clothes Pins

Less than three months to go until my wedding, and while I've been crafting more than ever, I will not be sharing much of it until after the wedding is over. My latest project is painting and glittering clothes pins for the escort card display. I think I like the chunky gold 'old school' glitter the best, but I still have like a million other colors to try. I'm just excited to have a remotely practical use for my glitter collection. Yes, I have a glitter collection, and yes it is freaking amazing. Speaking of amazing things, if you'd like some more clothes pin inspiration, I would recommend checking out Vicki O'Dell… The Creative Goddess. That is where I first saw the idea to paint clothespins. She has done quite a few variations on clothes pin embellishments, but these are my absolute favorite. 

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